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My girlfriends and I had a deliciously memorable experience on our walking tour with Savor Healdsburg Food Tours, part of our Girlfriends Getaway to Healdsburg earlier this month. The tour is included in the Girlfriends Getaway Special package, offered by Two Thirty-Five Luxury Suites, along with some other wonderful experiences that I will tell you about in a future post.

We met Savor Healdsburg Food Tours owner, Tammy Gass, outside of SHED, our first stop on the tour. Once our group was gathered – the four of us plus two lovely ladies from Washington state  – our eating and drinking adventure got off the ground. Tammy invited us into the indoor market section of SHED and began to tell us all about this well-known “modern grange”, as it’s referred to.

Popular among locals and visitors alike, SHED is a market, restaurant, gift shop, classroom, gardening and kitchen shop and a community. From flour milled onsite to backyard beehives, linen aprons to fried chicken, it’s a wonderland for the foodie, the farmer and the home chef or the professional chef, for that matter. SHED also offers a variety of classes like bread-making, composting and canning, just to name a few. At SHED, there is something for everyone who appreciates delicious fresh food, and community.

Savor Healdsburg Food Tour SHED

Tammy started by telling us about the wide array of products SHED offers, many handcrafted and local.

savor healdsburg food tours SHED tour

SHED also offers prepared foods to take home or enjoy on the premises. Lawana was admiring all the salads, pâté and salumi in their cold case, trying to decide what she wanted to take back to San Francisco with her.

savor healdsburg food tours SHED food case

After a tour of the inside of SHED, we were taken to their back patio for our first food experience of the tour.

Savor Healdsburg Food Tour SHED 6

We started with a refreshing Shrub cocktail, a nonalcoholic drink made with an elixir of fermented fruits and vinegar.

Savor Healdsburg Food Tour SHED Shrub

Next we were served an apple and cucumber salad with fresh mint, the ideal salad for a warm summer day.


This colorful Mediterranean plate includes house-made crackers, quinoa salad, carrot hummus, Greek olives, ricotta cheese from Australia and a creamy beet salad with tzatziki sauce.

Savor Healdsburg Food Tour SHED

Our tour was off to a wonderful start!

The next destination, Café Lucia, was less than two blocks away, downstairs from our hotel.

cafe lucia healdsburg 2

Café Lucia is a Portuguese restaurant owned by brother and sister team, Chef Manuel Azevedo and Lucia Azevedo Fincher. We were seated in the lovely dining room which is filled with beautiful photographs of Portugal.

One thing I love about this food tour is there is never a wait. Our table at each location throughout the day was ready and waiting for our arrival.

savor healdsburg food tours cafe lucia 3

To start, we were each served a small glass of tomato water with bits of scallion, red pepper and a drop of olive oil. To make this “water”, fresh tomatoes were strained, over and over again, until the liquid became clear. It is like summer in a glass!

savor healdsburg food tours cafe lucia 4

Our next dish to try was their Chouriço Crusted Day Boat Scallops. They are pan seared and served on top of Japanese sweet potato puree and leek confit. The scallops were melt-in-your-mouth wonderful and the crunchy crust added just the right texture and saltiness. We washed all this deliciousness down with some Raza, a Portuguese light white wine with a touch of effervescence.


Café Lucia has become one of my very favorite restaurants. Bill and I first dined there last year, having never tried Portuguese food before. We’ve been back several times since. We also recommend their sister restaurants, La Salette and Tasca Tasca, both located in downtown Sonoma.

It wouldn’t be a food tour in Wine Country without a bit of wine tasting, now would it? Gustafson Family Vineyards offers visitors both a destination vineyard and winery in the mountains near Lake Sonoma in Dry Creek Valley and a tasting room and wine bar, just steps from the Healdsburg Plaza. We visited the latter for a food and wine pairing.

What a lovely surprise for us to see the long table set with wine glasses, nibbles, and all the information we would want to know what we were sipping and eating.


Our friendly and knowledgeable host, Tara, stepped us through the wine and food pairing and answered all of our many questions. The food portion of our pairing came from SHED. The experts at SHED created a tasting menu made to complement the wines served during our tasting at Gustafson.


I enjoyed all the wines at Gustafson Family Vineyards but my favorite is this Rosé of Syrah. It was just $20 a bottle so I had to take a couple bottles home with me, of course!


Along with estate wines, they also have an estate-grown olive oil made from Tuscan cultivars grown at their Old Olive Grove on the Dry Creek property. This olive oil is so delicious you can – and I do – drink it straight. I keep a bottle on my kitchen counter.

savor healdsburg food tours gustafson tasting 3

It was not only a delicious stop on our food tour but educational and fun too!

Savor Healdsburg Food Tour gufstason tasting 3

Next we walked a couple of blocks to Bravas Bar de Tapas.

savor healdsburg food tours bravas entrance

Named one of the top 20 tapas restaurants in the U.S. by Travel + Leisure, Bravas is a very popular eatery in Healdsburg. Serving traditional Spanish and modern tapas-style fare, this is a wonderful place for a group as you can share large plates or a date night, choosing several of their smaller menu items.

This particular summer day was rather toasty. Sipping on this beautiful icy beverage before our food arrived was lovely and refreshing.

savor healdsburg food tours bravas drinks

Once we were settled with our drinks, the tapas started arriving. First we were served a watermelon, cherry tomato salad.


Next we shared a few small buckets of Cider Braised Chorizo and Padron Peppers. My favorite dish at Bravas!


Soon our table was filled with Spanish tapas!

Savor Healdsburg Food Tour Bravas 4

Including grilled octopus with fingerling potatoes and olives.


At the end of our meal, Chef Cody Thomason came to our table to say hello!


With our bellies full, we posed for a group photo outside Bravas. Tammy, owner of Savor Healdsburg Food Tours, is next to me on the left.


You know what everyone says: There is always room for dessert! And they’re right.

Our final stop was at Moustache Baked Goods, just around the corner from Gustafson Family Vineyards Tasting Room. We each picked out a sweet treat to either eat right there in their darling bakery or take with us back to the hotel.

See that giant chocolate cookie with the white filling? That is called a Moustache-O and if you like Oreo cookies, you will go crazy for Moustache-O’s. Not only do they taste 100 times better than Oreos but they’re made from scratch, without preservatives.

Savor Healdsburg Food Tour Moustache baked goods

The four of us had such a fantastic time during the Savor Healdsburg Food Tour. Tammy was informative, kind, approachable and interesting. We all felt very well taken care of and a bit spoiled!

Even though some of us had been to these establishments before, we experienced them in a whole new way. We tasted things we normally wouldn’t order, we were given the background of the restaurant, bakery or tasting room, and we got to try lots of different foods all at once! It’s encouraged me to return to these places to order some of the things I ate on the tour.

I appreciated not having to wait for a table. And no need to ruminate over a menu – all decisions are made for you. If you have a special diet or food allergy, Tammy will ask you ahead of time and make sure the stops along the way accommodate your needs.

savor healdsburg food tours girlfriends getaway group

Whether you’re a Wine Country local who wants to experience cuisine from a variety of Healdsburg establishments, or you’re visiting from out of town and want to eat, drink and experience as much of Healdsburg as you can during your stay, this tour is a must-do. I highly recommend it and will be sure to book this tour next time we host out-of-town guests.

Visit the Savor Healdsburg Food Tours website for more information or to book your tour.

savor healdsburg collage

A reminder that August arrives next week which means the next How I Wear My is right around the corner! August’s theme is Cropped Pants. So pull out your capri pants, culottes, cropped flares, clam diggers, gauchos or pedal pushers and show us how you wear them! The deadline for submission is August 8th, 2016. Send a photo of you in your Cropped Pants to Be sure to include a summary about your look!

How I Wear My Badge

Make it a rich day!



Disclosure: Our tour with Savor Healdsburg Food Tours was part of the Two Thirty-Five Luxury Suites’ Girlfriends Getaway Special package, which was complimentary in exchange for my review. All opinions expressed here are, as always, my own. 


Girlfriends Getaway Collage

Recently I had the pleasure of spending the weekend at Two Thirty-Five Luxury Suites, experiencing their Girlfriends Getaway Special, with three of my dearest friends. Today I want to tell you all about this luxurious Wine Country property and their special getaway package, available in late September.

Two Thirty-Five Luxury Suites is located just a few steps from Healdsburg Plaza Park, the quaint center of town which boasts a large gazebo, park benches, mature shade trees, and rose bushes. Surrounding the park, you’ll find some of the best shops, restaurants, bakeries, tasting rooms, art galleries, and entertainment in California’s Wine Country.

Photo credit: Two Thirty-Five Luxury Suites

Once my friends and I parked our cars in the parking lot at Two Thirty-Five, we didn’t drive again until we departed.  I love having so many great places to visit and wonderful things to do within walking distance.

This is my friend Lawana who came up from San Francisco to spend the weekend with me.  We took the short footbridge from the parking lot which takes you to the Two Thirty-Five reception area. There we were greeted by the friendly staff who checked us in and showed us to our suite, the Orchard Suite.

Two thirty-five luxury suites healdsburg girlfriends getaway

Two Thirty-Five Luxury Suites has four suites, all located on the second floor of the building and accessible by a large elevator.

two thirty-five luxury suites healdsburg

I viewed the accommodations at Two Thirty-Five several times online before our stay and the suites looked large but I was still surprised by how huge our suite was in person!

This is the living room located to the right of the front door. There is plenty of room for a full house – up to six guests – to relax and unwind. It was where we girls spent lots of time chatting, laughing, sipping our morning coffees and then afternoon wine. I loved the natural light coming in from the many windows in this suite.

Two thirty-five luxury suites healdsburg

Across from the living room are the dining room and the gourmet kitchen. The full kitchen comes equipped with everything you need to cook for a group: pots, pans, glassware, utensils and dishes. We didn’t do any cooking – unless you count using the toaster as cooking – but we did take full advantage of the coffee cups, wine glasses and champagne flutes!

Two thirty-five luxury suites healdsburg

After we explored the common areas, we chose our rooms. Each Two Thirty-Five suite has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. All beds are California King. Lawana and I have been friends for decades and are used to sharing living quarters, so we decided to share the biggest room.

Photo credit: Two Thirty-Five Luxury Suites

Instead of closets, Two Thirty-Five offers other alternatives. Our room had bars on the wall with hangers which made it easy to choose our outfits each day. There was plenty of drawer space for folded items and other belongings too. The other two rooms have armoires.

Two thirty-five luxury suites healdsburg

Our bathroom was enormous! We had lots of counter space for our many bottles, jars and tubes of beauty products. The walk-in shower was gigantic, as well.

Two Thirty-Five Luxury Suites in Healdsburg

My sister-in-law, Debbie, joined us on our Girlfriends Getaway trip. She had the middle room which had a flatscreen television housed in a cabinet at the end of her bed.

Two Thirty-Five Luxury Suites Healdsburg bedroom middle orchard

Photo credit: Two Thirty-Five Luxury Suites

You simply press a button on the remote control, et voilà! Up pops the television! How cool is that? All rooms at Two Thirty-Five come with their own flatscreen, high definition television. Some are housed inside a cabinet like this, and some are mounted on the wall.

Luxury suites healdsburg

The bathrooms at Two Thirty-Five have high-quality toiletries and plush bath towels. And I loved the big bathroom mirrors!

Two thirty-five luxury suites healdsburg

One of my favorite surprises at Two Thirty-Five was getting to choose my perfect pillow at the end of the day. All three pillows – firm, medium and soft – are on your bed. You choose the one you like best, or sleep with all three if you want! I prefer a soft pillow myself. What a luxurious treat to have options!

Two Thirty-Five Luxury Suites Healdsburg

My other favorite surprise was having Nest Thermostats, not only in the main common areas but in every guest room. For those of us who like it chilly, this was a real perk!

My friend Michelle, who also came along for the getaway, had this room with a view of the courtyard below and a bathtub.

two thirty-five luxury suites end room orchard

Photo credit: Two Thirty-Five Luxury Suites

After we unpacked our things, we started looking around at all the other details. A bottle of Viognier was given to us from Lambert Bridge, as well as, a gift basket of snacks and drinks. The Kuerig coffee machine was so convenient. No need to add water each time you want to make a cup of coffee because it’s piped in under the counter. Genius!

two thirty-five luxury suites in healdsburg goodies

Lawana’s friends own Costeaux Bakery in Healdsburg and gave her a giant bag filled with luscious breads, pastries and cookies! We washed some of the sweet treats down with a bottle of sparkling wine.

costeaux bakery healdsburg

But first a toast to the beginning of Girlfriends Getaway to Healdsburg!

two thirty-five luxury suites healdsburg

Later that evening, my sister-in-law would arrive. After she got settled, we enjoyed a fantastic dinner right downstairs at Café Lucia, part of the Girlfriends Getaway Special. More about that – and our other tasty experiences in Healdsburg – in a future post!

Cafe Lucia Healdsburg

Photo credit: Two Thirty-Five Luxury Suites

Two Thirty-Five Luxury Suites are ideal for Wine Country getaways. I love having so much space yet being close to my friends. I especially love having large common areas that are ideal for enjoying wine and cheese before heading out to dinner, watching a movie together and playing board games.

Whether getting a group of your girlfriends together for a couple days, visiting Wine Country for a destination wedding or reunion, or taking a family vacation and prefer having the option to cook and wash your clothes (yes, a washer and dryer are in each of the suites!), Two Thirty-Five offers guests all the comforts and conveniences of home, plus the luxurious appointments you love to have when traveling.

Here are a few photos of the other three suites at Two Thirty-Five. Each suite is designed differently. All of them have three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a full gourmet kitchen. Take a look at all their suites on the website.

Two Thirty-Five Luxury Suites Healdsburg

Photo credit: Two Thirty-Five Luxury Suites

I can hardly wait to tell you all about the fabulous things we did during our fun weekend!

girlfriends getaway healdsburg walking

The Girlfriends Getaway Special includes a two-night stay at Two Thirty-Five Luxury Suites, a $300 voucher to spend on a fabulous meal at Café Lucia, a tour for six with Savor Healdsburg Food Tours, a spa treatment and guided tea tasting for six at Taste of Tea and a private food and wine pairing at Portalupi. This package is available for the weekend of September 23 – 25, 2016 only for $2,495 – a 30% discount!

Visit the Two Thirty-Five Luxury Suite website for more information or call them at 707-473-3500

Girlfriends Getaway Collage

Make it a rich day!



Disclosure: Our stay at Two Thirty-Five Luxury Suites was complimentary, in exchange for my review. All opinions expressed here are, as always, my own. 


Melissa McCarthy Maxi Dress

Happy Monday! I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Today, I want to share some of my recent summery Wine Country Looks that I put together with pieces from Gwynnie Bee.

Have you heard of Gywnnie Bee? My friend Malia, of Style by Malia, loves this subscription clothing service. After seeing an offer for a free month trial pop up on my Facebook feed, I decided I would give it try too.

I normally wouldn’t seek out a plus-size clothing line or subscription service because I usually wear size 10, 12 and occasionally a 14, depending on the garment and brand. I have never had a problem finding those sizes in Misses so looking at plus-size sites hadn’t occurred to me. But it turns out many of the brands Gwynnie Bee carries start at size 10 and go up from there. And I found that many of the clothes available at Gwynnie Bee work well with my Wine Country style.

This beautiful Melissa McCarthy Seven7 dress was the first item that caught my eye. It has become my favorite maxi. I love the pattern, the fit, and the color palette. It’s just so easy to wear – throw it on and go!

I wore my dress with flat nude-colored sandals (similar) and carried my go-to handbag this summer from Kate Spade (similar).

Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Tiered Peasant Dress

I love the adjustable drawstring sleeves on this dress.

Summery Wine Country Looks

Getting to see my girls for a moment when my husband dropped something off to me while I was in Healdsburg

And I find the V-neck and the tie at the waist to both be quite flattering.


I wore this dress for the first time during my Girlfriends Getaway to Healdsburg earlier this month, which I will be blogging about soon. And I plan on taking it with me to this week’s Festival Napa Valley.

While in Healdsburg I also wore this outfit. This top from Gwynnie Bee has shoulder ties that I think are so cute – and they’re adjustable. I also love the top’s dramatic high-low hem. The length in the back is long so it helps to be on the tall side when wearing this top.

Off the shoulder tunic

I wore the top with Gap Girlfriend Jeans, flat sandals and my Louis Vuitton clutch. I also wore my new Wine Country necklace made by Kelley Hollis.

Off the shoulder tunic

You may remember the Wine Country Brooch necklace that I made, with lots of help from Tamera Beardsley’s instructions and a crafty friend of mine.

I found I wasn’t wearing it much at all after the Bloggers Getaway to Napa Valley and with all the money, time and effort I had put into it, that seemed like a real shame! The existing necklace was just too heavy for me and got on my nerves when I wore it. I knew Kelley made beautiful jewelry from vintage pendants, brooches and earrings so I asked her if she could re-make my brooch necklace into something lighter and more comfortable. And here is what she came up with. I absolutely adore it and wear it often. I love having a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry!

Wine Country Necklace by Kelley Hollis

Kelley has a beautiful collection of pieces and she also will take custom orders (she is a super nice person too!). You can contact her at if you’re interested in a custom design.

summery wine country looks

This fun, purple off-the-shoulder top is also from Gwynnie Bee. It’s very comfortable and I wear it often. I wasn’t sure I would like the color – rarely wear purple – but I do, especially when I pair it with white. I decided to purchase this top too. It was only $14.50!

Summer Fun in California's Wine Country

Overall I have received 8 items in the mail from Gwynnie Bee. I wore three of the pieces and ending up keeping them. The others either didn’t fit, didn’t look good on me or weren’t up to my quality standards. I carefully read each review on any garment I am interested in adding to my GB closet. I find them to be very helpful. I also like that each order comes with a return label and bag, making returns a cinch. I am going to keep my subscription for a couple more months and see if I continue to like it.

Have you tried Gwynnie Bee or another subscription clothing service?

Make it a rich day!



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Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post nor product review in exchange for clothing. I paid for all Gwynnie Bee clothing featured in this post. The Wine Country Necklace made by Kelley Hollis was a gift from Kelley.