Summer Trip to Tahoe

Summer Trip to Tahoe
Tori and I are back from our Tahoe trip and getting settled back into home life. It’s funny how a trip can so quickly seem like a distant memory.  Do you experience that feeling when you return home from vacation?
Here are my favorite photos from our girls’ trip.
This first photo is from our beach spot at Sand Harbor on the Nevada side. We met a very friendly and gracious family from Sacramento who let us share their section of the beach and even let us use their umbrella for shade.
I so enjoyed meeting them and hope they take me up on our offer to show them around Kenwood and wine taste sometime soon.

Watching the sunset from our table at Bistro on the Pier in South Lake Tahoe – a great restaurant connected to our hotel with fantastic service, fresh food and million dollar views.

A kiss at Sand Harbor

Sunset on the North Shore.

Tori pondering life’s deepest questions at Jake’s on the Lake, Tahoe City.

Sunset on the North Shore.

Swimming in the refreshingly chilly waters at Sand Harbor.

Daisy and Coco at Kiva Beach.

Outdoor dining with the pups at Rockers in Squaw Valley.

Emerald Bay

More Emerald Bay

Sunset from South Lake Tahoe

Pondering more questions at Bistro on the Pier, South Lake Tahoe.

Another sunset photo, South Lake Tahoe.

Coco getting comfy in our cottage.

My turn to ponder. Probably thinking about my next blog post.

Daisy and Tori at lunch.

Looking back toward our very comfortable and reasonably priced hotel with its own private beach at South Lake Tahoe’s Timber Cove.

Hot tub time at the hotel.

Coco wanting to go outside and play.

A brilliant sunset in South Lake Tahoe…really spectacular. I did not enhance or doctor this photo at all.

Our beach spot at Kiva Beach.

Tori at Sand Harbor.

I hope you enjoy our travel photos. I still have so many to share with you from Italy, Switzerland and San Francisco. Each weekend, I am planning on writing a travel post….beginning today!

Have a lovely weekend, friends!



  1. July 14, 2012 / 2:45 pm

    Your photos are making me *seriously* want to visit Lake Tahoe again. It’s been decades since I’ve been there. How nice that you and Tori could have this getaway together!

  2. July 14, 2012 / 3:08 pm


    What great photos! I especially love the one of you and Tori at Emerald Bay. Looks like you had a great time, including Coco and Daisy!

    Yes, how quickly those vacation memories fade. I have a photo gallery in my hallway that includes various vacation photos. It’s one way I can reminisce! 🙂

    I was in Tahoe over 30 years ago after graduation with some college girlfriends. We stayed at a condo that belonged to one of the parents. One day we came home after shopping to find the condo full of rocks and broken glass. Some construction was going on across the road in the process of excavating, they did not bury their dynamite deep enough. My poor friend had to make all the arrangements to have everything fixed.


  3. July 14, 2012 / 3:31 pm

    So beautiful..your photos really make me want to go! Glad you had such a special time with your daughter!

  4. July 14, 2012 / 4:13 pm

    Wonderful! And the family time is so precious too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. July 14, 2012 / 5:36 pm

    My sister lives in South Lake Tahoe! Beautiful shots, thank you for sharing!

  6. July 14, 2012 / 5:42 pm

    What a fun trip….and what two georgous ladies. It all looks wonderful, what a great place to stay.

  7. July 14, 2012 / 6:57 pm

    Your photos are beautiful! It looks like you both had a great time. My hubby and I have been to Tahoe, but would like to go again. Maybe we can check out the place you stayed at. I always get that same feeling when we come back from a vacation. It takes forever to get here and then goes by so fast!

  8. July 15, 2012 / 6:47 am

    Great photos. I’ve never been to Tahoe in the summer and your pictures make me want to visit. Looks like you and Tori had a great time.

  9. July 15, 2012 / 7:44 am

    Beautiful pictures!Lake Tahoe looks like a wonderful place to visit. Glad you all had a nice time.

  10. July 15, 2012 / 9:31 am

    Lovely photos, Adrienne. Lake Tahoe looks gorgeous, and it sounds like you had a fabulous time there. My kind of place. Coco and Daisy look happy to be there as well.

  11. July 15, 2012 / 12:19 pm

    It’s so nice to see that you and Tori had a great time, but even better to know that you have the kind of relationship where you can enjoy each other on a friend level and a parent-child level, too. She will look back on these years with much fondness!

  12. July 15, 2012 / 1:15 pm

    What a great break and bonding time for you both. looks like a geat place to go.

  13. July 15, 2012 / 3:29 pm

    Love Emerald Bay! Quality time and memories…..fabulous pictures. This is the good life!

  14. July 15, 2012 / 3:30 pm

    Love Emerald Bay! Quality time and memories…..fabulous pictures. This is the good life!

  15. July 15, 2012 / 3:33 pm

    I’ve never been to lake Tahoe…now it’s definitely on my list! Thanks for sharing!!!

  16. July 15, 2012 / 5:06 pm

    Your photos are all brilliant! Looks everyone had a fabulous time. Great memories for Tori and you, I’m certain!

    Daisy and Coco look adorable beach ready!! wishing you a fabulous week my friend! xo HHL

  17. July 16, 2012 / 4:14 pm

    Gorgeous sunsests, all! What do the pups think of the sand on the beach?

  18. July 17, 2012 / 7:56 am

    Love all the pictures. Great post. This brings back so many good memories of Summers in Tahoe. Glad you had a getaway. Looks like you girls really have fun together. That is so nice!


  19. July 17, 2012 / 10:08 pm

    This looks like a perfectly relaxing holiday!

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