10 Shows to Binge Watch This Summer

10 Shows to Binge Watch This Summer

Binge watching TV shows – watching multiple episodes in one sitting – has become the new favorite pastime for many of us. Thanks to the ease and selection of choices that Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, DVRs and on-demand offer us, it only makes sense this would become a popular way to view television series. These days, watching a couple half-hour or hour episodes of a series has taken the place of watching a regular 90-minute or two hour movie.

Over the last year I have watched quite a few series and thought I would put together a list of my favorites for you, perhaps to add to your summer watch list. We don’t all have the same taste in shows, of course, but most of these programs received high ratings from other viewers and critics alike, which is why I watched them in the first place. Some are dark, some are lighthearted and funny and one is downright scary, but all are engaging and, I think, worth your TV binging time!

Here are my favorite 10 Shows to Binge Watch This Summer

Stranger Things

Favorite Shows to Binge Watch

Photo: Netflix

Winona Ryder is among the cast members in this sci-fi horror series set in 1980s suburban Indiana. The storyline is reminiscent of a Stephen King novel. A terrifying creature, disappearing young people, a little girl with telekinetic powers are all part of the central plot.

I enjoy and appreciate that the 1980s setting is done in a low-key way. No one is using words like “totally tubular” or wearing outrageous legwarmers and shoulder pads, but there is still plenty of 80s culture to see. A green Ford Pinto, boys playing a raucous game of Dungeons and Dragons, bikes with banana seats and monkey bars, just to name a few. If you grew up in the 80s like I did, you will love the selection of music too.

Warning: this show is scary. It’s not as violent as some of the other shows on this list but certainly the only one that qualities as a horror.

Top of the Lake

Favorite Shows to Binge Watch

Photo: Sundance

This crime drama has first-rate acting, an exotic and beautiful location in New Zealand, and a fascinating storyline but I would be remiss if I didn’t also tell you that it’s a little strange – downright weird even. But sometimes we like weird, right? A 12-year-old pregnant girl who tries to kill herself before going missing is the central storyline but there is much more to this compelling series like a women’s commune in the middle of nowhere, for example.

Holly Hunter and Elizabeth Moss star in this series and I read yesterday that season two is currently filming with Nicole Kidman as a new cast member.

Grace and Frankie

Favorite Shows to Binge Watch

If you haven’t watched Grace and Frankie, starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, what are you waiting for? Loads of laughs, great fashion and terrific one-liners from these iconic actresses await you. I cannot wait until season three! This series is laugh-out-loud hilarious and so cleverly written.

The Paradise

Favorite Shows to Binge Watch

Photo: BBC

The Paradise, a BBC costume drama set in England’s first department store in the 1870s with the same name is a love story, a coming-of-age story and even a mystery. The Paradise is entertaining, with just enough drama to keep things interesting. The lead actress, Joanna Vanderham, plays Denise Lovett who is a young, wide-eyed, ambitious woman who catches the eye of department store owner, John Moray, played by Emun Elliott, who you may recognize from Game of Thrones.

Happy Valley

Favorite Shows to Binge Watch

Photo: Red Productions/Ben Blackall

What I enjoyed most about this British crime drama, Happy Valley, is the intriguing and smart writing and its believable and talented cast. Sarah Lancashire, who plays Sergeant Catherine Cawood, is a phenomenal actress. There are some dark moments to be sure. As a side note, the thick West Yorkshire accents many of the characters had me turning on captioning.

The Time in Between

Favorite Shows to Binge Watch

Photo: Netflix

This is the series I am currently watching. Set in both Madrid and Morocco during the mid-1930s, The Time in Between is a Spanish production. So unless you understand Spanish, you will need subtitles. Starring Adriana Ugarte, an absolutely stunning Spanish actress, as a dressmaker who finds herself in some precarious situations during a politically charged time in history.

This drama series has it all: beautiful setting, gorgeous clothing, interesting storyline and some history lessons.

The Fall

Favorite Shows to Binge Watch

Photo: BBC

The Fall is another chilling crime series. This BBC series stars Gillian Anderson, Emmy and Golden Globe winner, who is well known for her starring role on The X-Files and Jamie Dornan of Fifty Shades of Grey fame. Anderson plays a British detective with a mysterious past who is working on a serial killer case in Ireland. This psychological thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat and has plenty of creepy and frightening moments.

The Great British Bake Off

Favorite Shows to Binge Watch

Photo: BBC

For someone who doesn’t like to bake and rarely eats baked treats (give me a nice sharp cheddar cheese over a cinnamon bun any day), I was amazed by how much I adore this baking competition.

Unlike many American competitive reality shows that are fraught with drama, jealousies, lies, and plots against one another, The Great British Bake Off is just a clean, fun, and captivating cooking competition where everyone is respectful and surprisingly supportive of one another.

I love seeing the finished creations each episode and am often fascinated by the amount of creativity and effort put into making the breads, cakes, cookies, tarts, pasteries and other baked goods.

Judges Paul Hollywood, an artisan baker and Mary Berry, who has 70 cookbooks to her name work along side hosts, Mel Giedroycare and Sue Perkins, who are hilarious and so fun to watch. I thoroughly enjoy this show and look forward to every new season.


Favorite Shows to Binge Watch

Photo: Kudos Film

As I am sure you can tell, I have a penchant for crime dramas, especially of the British variety. I had read so many great things about Broadchurch, I decided to stick with it even though the first two episodes didn’t grab me. Once I got into this series, focused on the murder of a young boy, I was hooked. Broadchurch will keep you guessing and suspecting everybody!

The Tunnel

Favorite Shows to Binge Watch

Photo: Sky Atlantic

Currently airing on PBS, this nail-biter of a crime drama is set in both the U.K. and France. Adapted from the Danish-Swedish crime series The Bridge, The Tunnel is a dark and twisted murder mystery being investigated by a young French detective, Capitaine Elise Wassermann played by Clémence Poésy, and British Detective Chief Inspector Karl Roebuck, played by Stephen Dillane. Both detectives have their fair share of personal issues which add to the drama’s main storyline, finding and stopping the “Truth Terrorist” terrifying both the U.K. and France. Unlike all of the other shows listed here, The Tunnel is not on Netflix (yet) and is currently airing on PBS.

shows to binge watch

What are your favorite TV series?

Have you watched any of my favorite 10?

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  1. Renee
    August 5, 2016 / 6:18 pm

    I love crime dramas, too, and really enjoyed bingeing Broadchurch a few weeks ago. I also loved Endeavour (prequel series to Inspector Morse), Elementary, the Bletchley Circle, re-watching Sherlock, and am now starting to re-watch Poirot and Inspector Morse. Oh! And Wallander! Thanks for the recommendations! I am also considering Midsommer Murders and Murdoch Mysteries.

    • Adrienne Shubin
      August 6, 2016 / 11:59 am

      Renee – I will have to put those shows on my list. I have watched several Sherlock episodes. My husband enjoys them too, which is nice – and rare that we agree on a tv series.
      I have seen a few episodes of Midsommer Murders as well and liked them. Thanks for the recommendations! Hoping there will be another season of Broadchurch. I think I read they’re filming a new season. Wouldn’t that be great?

  2. August 5, 2016 / 7:23 pm

    some amazing shows, love The Fall and Happy Valley

    • Adrienne Shubin
      August 6, 2016 / 11:57 am

      The Fall was pretty creepy, don’t you think? I loved Gillian Anderson in it. She is so gorgeous!

  3. August 6, 2016 / 3:34 am

    Great list! I am also a huge fan of crime dramas! Lol…..My recommendation is “The Affair” ….it’s not what you think! It is smart, suspenseful and mature! Maura Tierney’s character is especially poignant…

    • Adrienne Shubin
      August 6, 2016 / 11:56 am

      I forgot about The Affair. Love, love, love that show. And I also liked Bloodline in its first season, but the second wasn’t as good in my opinion. Have you watched that series?
      Lovely to hear from you, Beth!

  4. Terry
    August 6, 2016 / 1:05 pm

    Can’t wait to explore many of these shows, but wondering how to access them. Are they all on Netflix? Amazon? The library? Just finished binge waching The Inspector Lynley Mysteries (24 PBS adaptations of Elizabeth George’s books) and P.D. James’ The Murder Room, both from the library.

    • Adrienne Shubin
      August 6, 2016 / 1:30 pm

      Hi Terry – that is a good question. I watched all of these on Netflix with the exceptions of The Great British Bake Off and The Tunnel, which record on the DVR. I think The Tunnel is accessible through the PBS website.
      Some of the shows are Netflix productions – like Stranger Things and Grace and Frankie – so they can only be seen on Netflix, as far as I know.
      I will have to look up the P.D. James Murder Room. My mother loves P.D. James. Thank you for the recommendations, Terry!

  5. August 6, 2016 / 2:38 pm

    I’ve already binge watched most of those you have mentioned, as well as Wallender and Murdoch Mysteries. LOVED Murdoch Mysteries. Now I am binging on Showtime’s series “Ray Donovan”. I am on season two of four seasons…. it has some ‘language’ and also sexual scenes, but Hey… we’re all grown-ups here, right? LOL

    • Adrienne Shubin
      August 6, 2016 / 2:44 pm

      Ha! Yes, most of the time I consider myself a grown-up, but not always 😉
      I will check out Ray Donovan for sure. Have you watched The Affair on Showtime? I love that one – so good! Beth reminded me of that one in an earlier comment.
      Have you seen Bloodline on Netflix? I loved season 1 but season 2 was a let down for me.

  6. Nancy
    August 31, 2016 / 11:20 am

    First time brave enough to write a comment! Thank you for your blog!
    I’ve been enjoying your blog the last couple years, on & off. Your fashion sense & adventures are fun & easy to read.
    While I’ve only spent a few months, a number of years ago in the Napa Valley, I enjoyed immensely & like to remember some of the fun times I had there.

    Thanks for the movie list. I like to see new things and after seeing your list, I enjoyed ‘The Time In Between’. When I was reading your list, I wondered if I would see ‘Velvet’ listed. I enjoyed this show on Netflix, as well.

    Have an awesome day 🙂

    • Adrienne Shubin
      September 2, 2016 / 7:54 am

      Hi Nancy! Thanks so much for the comment.
      I have bookmarked “Velvet” on Netflix to watch soon. Thank you for the recommendation!
      Have a great Labor Day weekend!

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