How I Wear My: Neckerchief

Welcome to the 63rd post in the How I Wear My series!

A neckerchief can be a jaunty nod to menswear, which itself is always popular in fall when it feels like a season of checks and plaids and blazers, but it can also be a flirty and feminine touch whether worn at the neck, head or wrist. Jill of  Everything Just So and I decided to celebrate the neckerchief’s versatility for this month’s “How I Wear My.”

Jill, my How I Wear My partner, gets us started with her neckerchief look and says:

“One of my favorite neckerchiefs is a silk square by Valentino. “Valentino” is part of the design since his name is spelled out on the scarf in bold graphic letters. I love the mix of mossy and silvery greens so close together and I always love wearing this neckerchief in the fall. I paired it with a Levi’s field jacket and L’Wren Scott sunglasses, which have become my go-to shades.”


Debbie of Fashion Fairy Dust wears a blue neckerchief look and says:

“I’ve been loving the neckerchief/bandana trend. I like to layer mine with a few necklaces to add even more interest to the look as I did here. A neckerchief is also an easy way to add a subtle bit of print mixing to your outfit.”


Crystal of Success in Heels tells us this about her neckerchief look:

“A light neckerchief around my neck instantly makes me feel Parisian! I’m wearing my favorite, extra-comfy t-shirt and jeans. I added this navy vest along with the matching scarf over them to add polish to the outfit. The blue suede cork wedges complete the look and I’m ready for Champs Elysees!”


Trina of Tea Time With Trina says this about her neckerchief outfit:

“Can you believe it’s already October? I love this month’s HIWM neckerchief theme. This little item is so easy and fun to add instead of a regular necklace.

The first photo is a new little neckerchief I picked up at a local boutique that seriously goes with just about any item in my closet. I find it’s so fun and easy to add this to a sweater or tee or even a button up instead of a necklace for a change of pace. In this photo I paired it with my oversize camel colored sweater which helped incorporate the other grey add-ons like my hat and booties.”


Nicole of High Latitude Style has this to say about her outfit featuring a neckerchief:

“I always have loved scarves and neckerchiefs. Thus, am so glad neckerchiefs are a thing again. They can bring the right pop of color to and otherwise neutral outfit, can tie an outfit together, create interest, and they are fun. Over the years, I curated quite a collection.

In this outfit, I went for a classic Casual Friday work outfit and used the neckerchief to pick up the color of my bag and tie to the multi-color cage sandals. I put my hair up in a messed up French knot. The “standing up ends” make the look fun and not “Old Lady” like a neatly done French knot would do at my age. 😉 “


Glenda of So What to Twenty tells us:

“I use a silky neckerchief to showcase how I achieve silky, baby soft skin in this post.”


Dale of Savvy Spice says this about her neckerchief:

“I love how silk scarves can be a handbag accessory, framed art or in my case, a simple way to make one of my countless Express collared shirts feel dressed up for fall.”


Ana of Mrs. American Made tells us:

“My look features quite a few secondhand items, including the brooch and neckerchief from Blogger Bella/Citizen Rosebud’s Etsy shop. I chose to wear the kerchief in my hair here since we were riding to town and I needed a chic way to keep my hair neat. The rest of the look is more #madeinUSA classic including jeans, a striped top and a lightweight vintage wool topper by Laundry.”


Catherine of Not Dressed as Lamb has this to say about her outfit featuring a neckerchief:

“This neckerchief was actually a long skinny scarf – they lend themselves very well to being worn in several different ways. A classic white shirt is the perfect backdrop for a skinny scarf wrapped round the neck and knotted like a choker.”


Cheryl of Northwest Mountain Living wears a neckerchief with her denim look and tells us:

“I love neckerchiefs and am always looking for new ways to wear them. I found a way to wear one on my wrist and loved it! You can see how to tie it here. I wore it with a plum thermal top, distressed jeans and peep toe booties. I felt a little edgy in this outfit.”


Claudia of HappyFace313 styles a pink neckerchief and says:

“Since it’s October and Breast Cancer Awareness month is here, I really wanted to show you a pink scarf. However, all my pink scarves are 90 x 90 cm and too big for this challenge. The best I could find is my Belles Du Mexique Gavroche, with a bit of pink and fuchsia. On my blog I’ll show you how I fold this neckerchief, just in case you’d like to try it too.”


For my neckerchief look, I chose to go for all black with a pop of orange, courtesy of my Hermès Twilly scarf which was a gift from a Parisian friend of mine. I was able to locate this very same neckerchief online in two places – here and here – but in both cases they had already been sold. I guess this pattern goes fast! 

Hermes Twilly Neckerchief

I love the way Twilly neckerchiefs are so small and lightweight. Sometimes when I wear a larger silk scarf, folded up and tied around my neck, I feel a bit constricted. With the Twilly style, I hardly notice I am wearing a scarf at all yet it makes a big impact on my overall outfit.


I styled my neckerchief with my new black tunic, black jeans and my low-heeled, weatherproof suede booties that I bought last fall in Seattle (same brand, similar style). I also wore my Hermès Apple Watch and carried my black Adora bag.


Thank you to all the fashionable participants for showing us how they wear their Neckerchiefs!

Be sure to head over to Jill’s and see even more stylish Neckerchief looks!


And now for next month’s theme!

In honor of the 5 (what?!) year anniversary of “How I Wear My,” Jill and I would like to invite you to our long cardigan and duster party since it was a Missioni for Target cardigan that started this entire series!

Please join us in November for “How I Wear My: Long Cardigan or Duster.” Photos are due November 7, 2016. Send them to us at and be sure to include a description of your outfit, which we will use in the post

How I Wear My Badge

Make it a rich day!




  1. Kathy
    October 5, 2016 / 5:31 am

    Love these. I’ve worn vintage bandanas as neckerchiefs for years, but just bought my first silk one, a plain navy blue. Looking forward to having it cool off and being able to wear it. Love your Twilly.

    • Adrienne Shubin
      October 6, 2016 / 8:09 am

      I bought some bandanas this year but they are so thick and rough. I would love to get a silk one – bigger than a twilly but smaller than my silk scarves.
      I am looking forward to cool weather too! Yet another heat wave is coming our way, darn it.

  2. October 5, 2016 / 6:41 am

    Wow…a Hermes scarf—-good for you for actually wearing it and not keeping it in the drawer! I might be afraid to sweat on it!!
    You two have put together a wonderful series which I look forward to each month!!
    Thanks again for everything you do!

    • Adrienne Shubin
      October 6, 2016 / 8:07 am

      I do wear it once in a while, especially in fall and winter, and don’t worry too much about damaging it. I am much more likely to damage a big scarf (food, liquid spills, lipstick, foundation, etc.) than I am one tied around my neck. But the perspiration thing is an issue (thanks to those really fun hot flashes)
      Hope to see you next month for Long Cardigan or Duster!

  3. Jill
    October 5, 2016 / 7:33 am

    I love all the different ways these were worn. I am especially crazy for your H Twilly. You look so glamorous in it. I hope you wear that a lot this month, a perfect time for orange and black! xx

    • Adrienne Shubin
      October 6, 2016 / 8:04 am

      I was thinking the same thing – not only is it Halloween this month, but the SF Giants’ team colors are black and orange too!
      I am looking forward to our 5 year HIWM anniversary. Can you even believe it???
      xo, A

    • Adrienne Shubin
      October 6, 2016 / 8:01 am

      I agree! Such a pretty selection of neckerchief looks!

  4. October 9, 2016 / 10:39 am

    Sorry I didn’t make it this month. And to be honest, the neckerchief look has totally past me by. Never heard of it (have I been living under a rock?).
    I hardly wear small scarves as they always make me feel very prim and proper. But if I look at you and Jill, I am getting second thoughts. Now Jill is definitely a Parisian. If she were to be in Paris, she would be seen as a native. Your new tunis is gorgeous and I am surprised about the impast that little thing around your neck has. Perhaps quality does show? The shape of the tunic is very good.
    And Debbie gave me a good idea to use more than one for some body.
    Till next How I wear my..

  5. October 10, 2016 / 11:14 am

    Wonderful looks, all of you, and gorgeous real-life models. Love it. xox


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