Seven for Saturday

Seven for Saturday

Welcome to this week’s Seven for Saturday!


1 –  The Best Muffins Ever  

Last night Tori, my stepdaughter, made a batch of these muffins and since then, her dad and I have not been able to stop eating them. They are the best muffins I have ever tasted. I confess I’m eating another one as I type this. They’re moist with a slightly crunchy top. Sweet, but not overly so, and very satisfying.

The recipe calls for a little brown sugar, a little white flour and a good amount of wheat flour so they’re not gluten-free or sugar-free. But they are full of carrots, apples, walnuts, coconut, and coconut oil. If muffins are your thing, make these!

2 – Too Fast! 

Can you believe September is already coming to an end? For me, it went by in a flash. Before too long, my husband and I will board a plane to France to celebrate my 50th!

I’m working on my packing list and researching the things we will want to do in Provence and Paris. I am very excited about my travel wardrobe. I have several gorgeous pieces from Stella Carakasi’s new fall collection as well as a new travel-friendly and water-repellant black hat from Montecristi Panama Hats of Napa Valley that I hope to show you in a future post.

3 – Making Juice

Tori started using our Vitamix recently to make her own nut milks and juices and it’s got me interested in making them too.

We have a surplus of apples from my father-in-law’s trees and decided to make a healthy juice with some of them. We added carrots, turmeric root, ginger, cucumber, celery, tangerine, and a little frozen pineapple to the apples.

Within minutes, the ingredients were pulverized. The next step is getting rid of the pith. Of course, if you like pith, don’t strain the juice but we happen to like it without. We use this Nut Milk Bag. It’s so easy to use, doesn’t make a big mess and cleans up fast – just rinse the bag and leave out to dry.

Our juice was so delicious! I love to sit on our front porch and sip a glass as a treat instead of reaching for something sugary.

4 – Great Show about Great Houses 

Last night, while looking for a show to watch after dinner, we stumbled upon Great Houses with Julian Fellowes on PBS. I adore it! There are only two episodes of this series which originally aired in 2015. If there were more, I would surely binge-watch every one.

Airing last night was the episode about about Burghley House. Fellowes delves into the history of the families who lived in and owned the house as well as the personal lives of the people who kept it running. He uncovered some fascinating stories that are right up there with Downton Abbey drama. I may have to watch the episode again, it was chock full of juicy tales! Have you seen Great Houses?

5 – Fall Garden

Thanks to our recent long spell of heat, our tomatoes have been flourishing and they are sweeter now than they’ve been all summer. I am more than ready for some fall temps but I also enjoy that our summer garden is still producing.

A few weeks ago we planted kale, chard, radishes, broccolini, lettuce and herbs. With the exception of one of our more delicate varieties of kale that we might have to pull, everything is thriving.

Do you have a fall garden? What do you grow this time of year?

6 – Creepy Facebook Discovery 

Two people contacted me separately to ask if these images were me earlier this week. I quickly told them yes, it was me but not my name nor account. You can imagine my dismay and surprise at seeing this. I immediately reported the account and within about 45 minutes, it was taken down by Facebook.

One of the kind people who alerted me said the person pretending to be me was selling pug puppies online, in what I can only assume is a scam. She also told me how she found me. She suspected the account was fake and pulled one of my profile photos from the page. She popped it into Google to do a reverse image search, and my blog and name came up.

I don’t have any advice for how to prevent people from stealing your photos and pretending to be you on social media but if you see an account that looks suspicious, try a reverse Google search. I know I will be on the lookout.

7 – My Perfect Red 💄

For decades I have been searching for a red lipstick that looks good on me. I was convinced it had to be a red with blue/cool tones. I don’t know where that idea came from but it was incorrect and wasted a lot of time and money trying.

Awhile back, my lovely and thoughtful Parisian friend sent me a little tube of Chanel lipstick in Arthur, a red with warm undertones. The other day, on an impulse, I put it on and guess what? It doesn’t look awful on me and I actually like the way it looks on me! I have to be in a sassy and confident mood to wear red lipstick but when I am, I’ll reach for this one for sure.

Coco Chanel Arthur

And since we are on the subject of RED, here’s a reminder that How I Wear My: Red Hot is happening next week 🔥

To participate, submit a a photo of your look featuring Red Hot by the end of the day October 2nd to participate. Please be sure to include a description of your outfit. Send it to us at:

Jill and I can’t wait to see how you style this on-trend color!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Jacquelyn
    September 30, 2017 / 11:27 am

    That’s a lovely shade on you, what’s the name?

    • Adrienne Shubin
      September 30, 2017 / 11:39 am

      Hi Jacquelyn,

      I don’t know why the link didn’t go directly the shade I wanted it to. It’s called Arthur and it looks lighter online than it does in person.
      I found this youtube video of Kiera Knightly wearing Arthur…it looks so gorgeous on her!

  2. KSL
    September 30, 2017 / 2:58 pm

    I will absolutely be making those muffins, but will use GF flour because of David. They sound so good. Your trip is going to be absolutely wonderful. Are you going carry-on? I obviously pulled my tomato plants out too early as everyone is reporting on a second crop because of the heat. So sorry I did it, because we really had fantastic tomatoes this year. And speaking of tomatoes, I also thought that a blue red would be the best red for me, but no – it’s more of an orangey red as well. I will try Arthur for sure, it looks gorgeous on you. I also feel shy to wear red lipstick, but on occasion I do. xo

    • Adrienne Shubin
      September 30, 2017 / 4:28 pm

      The muffins are so hard to resist! I am not a big sweets/baked goods person but these muffins were delicious.
      I am bringing one suitcase and a carry-on with a change of clothes. I am so wary now of checking luggage on after having my lost a couple of years ago.
      I almost pulled our tomatoes out a couple weeks ago during a cold spell but I decided to wait. We had so many green ones, I thought there was a chance they’d turn red and they did! This is the most we’ve gotten at once all season.
      I am definitely not attracted to the red/orange shades but they are the best for my coloring. I really have to be in the mood for red lipstick – it’s pretty rare, actually! xo

  3. October 1, 2017 / 6:29 am

    I’m definitely going to try those muffins, Adrienne. My fav recipe is from my fav cookbook written by Jillian Michaels: banana, coconut oil, toasted walnut, maple syrup, blueberries… yum. Have a great trip to France. I’ll be in England then… so, I’ll wave across the channel:)

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