Getting Ready for Our Dream Trip!

Getting Ready for Our Dream Trip!

Hello there! Well, it’s been a minute or two since I last blogged, hasn’t it? October was a whirlwind of fun and sun for us with trips to Catalina, Newport Beach and Calistoga. We’ve hardly been home in the last several weeks.

We flew home from Newport Beach Thursday afternoon and have been spending our time packing, running errands and getting organized for our big trip – the dream cruise I wrote about here.

I am at the point where I’m so excited I can barely think of anything but our trip and sleep is challenging!

We arrive in Barcelona on Tuesday then board the ship, Regent Seven Seas Explorer, on Thursday. I can hardly wait to see this beautiful vessel and explore our destinations!

Photo credit: Regent Seven Seas

I am trying my best to pack smart for a change and not bring my entire wardrobe. We are traveling for a total of 18 days which is a long time. I am bringing 3 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 dresses and about 10 tunics and blouses. I am only bringing one coat – a black rain trench – and a couple of long cardigan sweaters and scarves.

Shoes are my biggest stress as I broke my pinky toe in early October and it’s taking a long time to heal as I whacked it out of alignment. I have been wearing either Birkenstocks or the ortho boot the podiatrist gave me to wear. None of my closed toed shoes fit me so yesterday I went shopping for some that will fit.

I bought these Swiss made shoes for sightseeing and exercising.

And these Portuguese made flats to wear while we’re on the ship and out to dinner on land. Aesthetically, they are not the most attractive shoes I won but I still like them and they feel like a soft glove on my feet.

As far as getting “me” ready, I have a fresh haircut and pedicure, gave myself a face mask and manicure, stocked up on makeup and skin care products, and the Botox treatment I had a few weeks ago is in full effect.

In my last post, I promised to show a before and after photos so you can see the difference Botox makes in the symmetry of my eyebrows. You can tell my right eyebrow sits a bit lower in the bottom right photo.

I still have plenty of movement in my forehead – I don’t like to go for the fully frozen look – yet my brows remain more even. Also, my frowning has diminished greatly. Overall, I have less tension in my face.

For those of you who live in the North Bay Area, Plastic Surgery Associates will be having their annual Black Thursday Event.

It’s on November 8th from 11:00 to 6:00 in their Santa Rosa location. Normally I would attend and take advantage of their great Botox offer, food truck, raffles and more but I will be traveling. If you are interested in getting Botox at the event, be sure to call them directly at (707) 537-2123 as the spots fill up fast!

As far as the other necessary things I need to pack for our trip – toiletries, vitamins and medications – I decided to upgrade our travel containers. Our old containers were causing me all sorts of leaking issues so they had to be tossed.

I love these silicone squeeze bottles that come on a lanyard. They have 6 different labels inside the cap that you can change. I filled mine with my favorite facial cleanser – Tea Tree Gel Cleanser from evanhealy – body lotion, shampoo and conditioner. I love the lanyard with clips. I simply take the whole thing out of my suitcase (I keep them inside a ziplock bag in case they leak or break) and hang on a hook in our bathroom. I remove whatever bottle I need then clip it back on when I am done using it.

I bought these cute silicone jars too. I got a pack of three and used two for evanhealy Light Moisture Replenishing Fluid and Blue Cactus Beauty Balm, which is my favorite hydrating balm. These two will be kept in my carryon as I will want to keep my skin hydrated while flying.

I take quite a lot of vitamins when I’m at home. I don’t mind going a few days without them but 18 days is too long so I bought some little pill pouches at the grocery store. I love these things! They don’t take up too much room and I can pack a day’s worth of vitamins into a single bag, then throw them in my purse.


To keep our credit cards and IDs safe from identity theft, we bought some RIFD (Radio-Frequency IDentification) blocking products. I have a crossbody bag that has protection inside it and Bill bought a wallet with the same protection at a local travel store.

We also have several protector sleeves for individual cards and our passports. You can never be too safe these days!

We are spending today and tomorrow finishing up packing and getting the house ready for house sitters to come. I most likely will not blog while we’re away but I will be posting lots of photos and stories on Instagram!

Thanks for reading!


Disclosure: My Botox treatment at Plastic Surgery Associates was complimentary in exchange for social media posts. My opinions about Plastic Surgery Associates and Botox are 100% my own. I have incorporated affiliate links for some of the products in this post that will earn me a very small commission if used. 


  1. November 3, 2018 / 12:41 pm

    🙂 Dear Adrienne,
    your trip sounds promising and I can just imagine how excited you are!
    My husband has the same Swiss sneakers. Our orthopedist recommended them and my husband thinks it’s like walking on clouds 😉
    When I travel I fill everything in to little containers as well. Nothing worse than schlepping hugs bottles and jars around.
    Have fun and a very safe journey!
    All the best,

    N.B.: Don’t forget to pack a small umbrella, if you have one.

    • Adrienne Shubin
      November 4, 2018 / 8:00 am

      Hello Claudia,
      I just love the On Cloud sneakers! I am hoping they will be more comfortable on my broken toe by the time we get to Europe. We are going to try to find a pair of them for Bill – I found a shop near our hotel in Barcelona that sells that brand.
      Thank you for the reminder to pack an umbrella. We happen to have a couple travel sized umbrellas but I am going to bring a cute one that I bought in Paris many years ago instead, even if it is a little bigger!
      Thank you for stopping by! Hope all is well. Adrienne

  2. Lynne
    November 3, 2018 / 2:01 pm

    The Botox work looks great on you. Does it really lift your eyelids too? It looks like it did on you. Have a great trip and thank you for mentioning the items you have packed. Some of those look great for traveling.

    • Adrienne Shubin
      November 4, 2018 / 7:58 am

      Hi Lynne,

      The nurses who have done my Botox always add a little to my right eyelid to pull it up a bit. And it works!
      The silicone squeeze bottles are so great – have used them on 2 trips (one by car and one by plane) and they did not leak at all. I also like that lanyard for keeping the bottles in one place and off the bathroom counter. Some hotel’s have very little counter space in their bathrooms.
      Thanks for stopping by! A

  3. Sina
    November 3, 2018 / 5:50 pm

    Can’t wait to see pics on your upcoming dream trip. Have a great time.

    • Adrienne Shubin
      November 4, 2018 / 7:54 am

      Thank you, Sina! I can’t wait to see all the sights….and the ship! I have never been on a cruise ship before (unless you count the Queen Mary hotel in Long Beach). I’ll be sure to post lots of photos!

  4. November 4, 2018 / 7:35 am

    CIAO CIAO………… you GO!
    Cant wait to hear about THE GRAND ADVENTURES……..

    • Adrienne Shubin
      November 4, 2018 / 7:55 am

      Hi! I did not contact Lorree – we are on a waiting list to take a boat tour to the island of Gozo and we have limited time. Thank you for telling me about her. I spent some time on her IG account, looking at all the beautiful images – and getting excited to see them in person!

  5. Debra Thake
    November 4, 2018 / 9:20 am

    Hi Adrienne,
    I broke bones in my feet also, so I know what you are going through. I hope those shoes work out well for you. Your upcoming adventure sounds wonderful. Have a great time. And thanks for the info about the pill pouches. I’m definitely going to order those.

    • Adrienne Shubin
      November 4, 2018 / 1:30 pm

      Oh no! I bet that was very painful. I’m relieved I didn’t break any bones in my feet – only my little toe. Still a pain – literally and figuratively – but I am wearing my new closed toed shoes right now and have zero discomfort!
      I found a new use for those little plastic pill pouches today. They are perfect for packing necklaces that tend to get tangled up with other jewelry. I also used them to pack my plastic toothpicks and ear plugs for the plane.
      Thanks for stopping by, Debra!

  6. Juliet
    November 4, 2018 / 8:51 pm

    Your so organized and prepared! I can’t wait to see your posts and stories while you’re on your dream cruise. Bon voyage!

  7. November 5, 2018 / 6:34 am

    You trip is going to be amazing. I’m so excited for you. I love the shoes too.

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