Happy New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! We had my husband’s side of the family – about 22 people – over for a big celebration on Christmas Day.  It’s rare for us to have so many people in our home at once. I must say, it was a blast! I hope we host again next year.

During the last couple of weeks, I allowed myself to take some time off from both the blog and my freelance gigs to focus on enjoying the holidays. That’s why it’s been so quiet around here!

I am back to my routine, feeling renewed and energized. I have several things to tell you about, starting with today’s post, my most timely topic.

Rich Life Jar 2016

Last January I wrote about being inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s Happiness Jar. I created my own and called it a Rich Life Jar 2016 and I filled daily with notes about what made my life rich the previous day.

I decorated my jar with a gold Wine Glass Writer and kept it on the bureau in my bedroom all year long, never missing a day.

Early on last year, I removed the gold ribbon and later replaced it with the ribbon from a Chanel gift from a friend. By the end of December, my jar was filled to the top with little notes.

On New Years Day I dumped out all the notes and read them, one by one. I also put them in chronological order. As you can imagine, with 366 cards, it took the better part of the day to accomplish this.

It was so interesting to read through the cards. Although most of the notes were positive, not all of them were. There were some days I struggled to say anything “rich” and that’s okay – that’s life! Other days I sort of phoned it in, as they say, and quickly wrote down what I had accomplished – a workout, a blog post, a chore.

The cards I liked best had snippets about the little things I’d forgotten, like seeing friends who visited from out of town earlier in the year or the time that a photo of mine ended up on a nightly Bay Area news station.

Add a Little Moola $

The main purpose of the jar was not to sock away money but I did enjoy attaching a bill, usually just one dollar, to my card on some days.

The single bills here and there added up to a nice little stash of cash that I am saving for my 50th birthday later this year.

An unexpected outcome of keeping this jar and being consistent all year, aside from reliving memories and having some extra money saved, is that I proved to myself I really can stick with things when I put my mind to them. It has given me confidence as I begin a more rigorous and regular exercise regimen this year.

2017 Jar of Gratitude

With the jar empty, it was time to start anew. This year, I wanted to be more focused and prevent the old, “Went to the market, Took a walk, Made dinner, Wrote a post” sort of cards. This year’s cards will focus first on gratitude and second on enjoyment – what am I thankful for followed by what gave me enjoyment. Rather than dread certain must-dos, I wish to find enjoyment in even the most mundane or unpleasant things like a doctors appointment or a trip to the DMV.

So on January 1st, I got out the Wine Glass Writers and decorated my new jar, which I am calling my 2017 Jar of Gratitude and Enjoyment!

Instead of using a box like I did last year to store my cards, pen and paperclips, I am using this colorful bag, a gift from a friend. It’s so pretty and vibrant; it inspired me to add color and flowers to this year’s jar with my Wine Glass Writers.

Speaking of color, I also ordered these small index cards in a variety of pretty shades. I guess I’ll have a flashy jar by the end of the year!

Here it is January 3rd and I am already two cards into my new jar, adding one each day first thing in the morning.

Do you have a Happiness Jar or something like it?

It’s not too late to start one if you don’t. Just backtrack a few days since January 1st. You will quickly catch up!

If you are looking for a similar jar – I bought mine several years ago at a yard sale – I found this one that would work.


The first How I Wear My of 2017 is fast approaching! “Tall Boots” is the theme this month.

The deadline for submissions is Monday, January 9th. Send a photo of you in your outfit including Tall Boots, along with a description of your look that will be quoted, to [email protected].

The post will go live on January 11th. Visit the How I Wear My page for more information.

Jill of Everything Just So and I can’t wait to see how you wear your Tall Boots!

Make it a rich day and a rich 2017!




Happy Thanksgiving!

I am excited to say we are hosting Thanksgiving this year. Some members of Bill’s side of the family will be coming to dinner, including my father-in-law. There will be 11 of us sitting down to ham and turkey later today. For someone who doesn’t cook for a crowd very often, this is a daunting number for me!

Thankfully we saved lots of time – and stress – by splitting up the menu. Bill and I are in charge of the ham, several sides, dessert and wine. And my brother-in-law will be bringing a roasted turkey and all the other sides.

Baking is not really my thing so I bought two pies from Crisp Bake Shop in Sonoma, and apple lattice pie and a pumpkin, maple, bourbon pie. Tori and I picked up the pies up yesterday and also brought home some Pumpkin Spice and Salted Caramel Chocolate macarons, which we tested out last night.


Wow, are they delicious! The Pumpkin Spice is my favorite and the best macaron I have ever tasted – and I’ve even eaten macarons in Paris! I might have to have just one more Pumpkin Spice before our guests arrive 😉

Tori and I stopped by Oak Hill Farm’s Red Barn in Glen Ellen on our way home. This darling farm opens their barn up on Saturdays from May to January and they also sell their produce, flowers and wreaths at the Sonoma Farmers Market on Friday mornings.


Tori and I bought gourds, dried corn cobs and flowers, as well as some veggies. Such a darling farm! If you live in the area or are visiting, be sure to stop by for a visit on Saturdays and around the holidays.  Visit their website for details.

Tori used our purchases to decorate our Thanksgiving table. Didn’t she do a lovely job?


If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving and hosting or bringing a dish to someone’s gathering, did you bake? Roast a turkey? Do all the cooking yourself? Or did you decide to dine out this year?

Before I sign off, please know how very thankful I am for you. I appreciate your readership, your comments – both here and on social media –  and allowing me share a bit of my life with you these last 6 years.

Make it a rich day full of thanks!