I am delighted to introduce you to a extraordinary clothing line I was recently introduced to by my good friend and style expert, Malia Anderson.

In the latest North Bay Woman Magazine, Malia, style contributor to the magazine and owner of Style by Malia, featured pieces by Les Lunes in her fashion spread. The model in the magazine is wearing the Casino Jumpsuit.


Once the photo shoot concluded, Malia needed to return the borrowed items to the Les Lunes showroom in downtown San Francisco. She asked me to come along, suspecting I would fall in love their beautiful clothing. She suspected right!

We arrived at the showroom, located just around the corner from the heart of Union Square in San Francisco’s famous shopping area.

Les Lunes is a sustainable lifestyle fashion house positioned in three cities: Paris, Shanghai and San Francisco.

Les Lunes was created out of a desire – a desire Founder and CEO, Anna Lecat, had to create stylish, comfortable, ec0-friendly, feminine clothing with a Parisian flair for women everywhere. She went about creating just that and, in a collaboration with Melanie Viallon, Chief Creative Officer, Les Lunes was born.


Malia and I spent well over an hour with Anna. Elegance, grace, intelligence, beauty and warmth are words that come to mind when describing this multi-talented entrepreneur. It’s apparent Anna cares deeply about the women who wear her clothing. She asked me detailed questions about the fit, feel, style and wearablity of her pieces while I tried on piece after gorgeous piece. I knew the moment I put on the Lace Dress, it would be coming home with me.

There are so many things to love about Les Lunes. So where shall I begin? Let’s start with the luxurious materials!


Les Lunes spent two years designing their Signature Rayon from bamboo. This sumptuous fabric drapes elegantly, is wrinkle-free (perfect for travel!), and incredibly soft. It’s also eco-friendly, totally unfussy and feels great against your skin.



It’s all in the details, as they say, and that is certainly true for Les Lunes. The sweetheart neckline with lace trim adds texture and allure to the Lace Dress.


As does the small keyhole cut out on the back.


The wide lace hem finishes the look and gives it an extra helping of “ooh la la!”



Les Lunes focuses on fit and function. They design their patterns in Paris and created their own measurement chart by gathering information from women in both Paris and San Francisco. Les Lunes is designed to fit real women.

The structure of the bodice is flattering and form fitting. I like the way shows off the curves of my body without being tight. I feel feminine and sophisticated in this dress, confident too!



Simply by wearing different footwear and jewelry or by adding a jacket or scarf, I can easily change the look of my Les Lunes pieces. I can go from a business meeting to dinner with my husband in Napa Valley. Or to brunch with girlfriends to running errands.



Les Lunes offers pieces for all aspects of your life from morning to night. They have casual pieces sutiable for yoga or walking to dressy clothing for both professional and social occasions. And they have gorgeous lingerie and sleepwear. I bought pair of George V Tanga in Dark Taupe that are not only comfortable but 100% husband-approved!

The Les Lunes Deauville Wrap Jumpsuit in white and aubergine is as chic as it is comfortable to wear. The waistband has an attached belt with signature wooden buckle…and it has pockets!





Les Lunes is about sustainable fashion – slow fashion –  not trends. The Les Lunes line is timeless, elegant and comfortable.

These garments are not made for a season but for years to come. They are created to be worn, to be loved and to be part of your everyday life.



Les Lunes refuses to employ digital tools to alter any of their models’ photos saying, “We do not wish to change the images of their bodies to fit some unrealistic ideal. Our photos are an honest display of real women, real beauty, without manipulation.”

To that I say, “Bravo!”



If you’ve been reading my blog for some time, you know how important supporting and promoting women in business is to me. Les Lunes shares a similar stance. Anna Lecat had this to say:

“I am inspired by the Les Lunes Woman’s enthusiasm and zest for life. I have a deep respect for people that are not only living their lives fully, but also take the time to encourage others to reach their full potential. I am motivated by strong women that don’t take no for an answer and are willing to risk everything in pursuing a path or product they believe in. These are characteristics I cultivate in my own life and I am honored to be able to call many of these like-minded women friends.”

That is a philosophy I can get behind and I am proud to call myself a Les Lunes Woman!

Visit the Les Lunes website to find out more about this exceptional company and its beautiful collections.

Les Lunes offers free shipping to their customers. And for a short time they are offering an exclusive, private discount to my readers. If interested, send me an email ([email protected]) and I will send you the special code.

Make it a rich day!



Disclosure: I was given the Les Lunes Deauville Wrap Jumpsuit and I purchased the Lace Dress and the Georges V Tanga lingerie. All opinions expressed here are my own, as always. 


Do you know what the French call a thrift shop?
A “friperie”
This is the friperie where Tori and I shopped, a former hair salon.

Isn’t that a cute word? I think we should all start calling our local Goodwill, Salvation Army, vintage shops and any store where secondhand items are sold, friperies. It just sounds better to the ears than “thrift store”.

Don’t you agree?

Last month while we were in Paris, my stepdaughter, Tori, and I took a shopping excursion while my husband stayed behind in our hotel room and rested. She convinced me to explore a few of the friperies. Tori loves secondhand shopping even more than I do!

The friperie shops that we went to in Paris are much different than the thrift stores where I live. It was plain to see that the items had been carefully culled and only the best pieces make it onto the floor.

The racks are well organized and the items are all in good condition.  Absent are the musty odors so common with secondhand shops around here and there is usually some loud, cool music playing in the background.

The Parisian friperie shops remind me of the 1980’s vintage clothing boutiques on Haight street in San Francisco where I used to buy nearly all of my clothes in my late teens and early 20’s.

Tori and I visited a couple of friperies before we found our favorite, pictured at the top. It was a busy day and the shop was tiny with only one fitting room that had a long wait. We had limited time so we picked out a couple of things we liked and took our chances that they would fit us.

Tori bought a dusty-rose colored mini-dress that is adorable and fits her perfectly for 10 euros and I found a floral skirt and this striped top, each for 5 euros. Remarkably, everything fits!

I wore my €5 top with a pair of Gap red skinny pants, my new COS bag, pointy-toed pumps and a black leather belt made in Sonoma.

The weather has been fickle lately. Spring season always is. One minute it’s hot out, and the next it’s drizzling. Then an hour later it’s cold and windy. I wore this leather jacket I bought in Italy last spring and carried my Skully Persolé Chic Shade™ that protects me from both rain and sun.

And it’s so stylish and unique…

that I get loads of compliments whenever I carry one. They are such great conversation starters!

I kept the jewelry simple with this outfit. No watch, no earrings, no necklace. Just a bracelet by Metal Pointus….

and a black leather wrap-around ring I bought in Paris at COS.

Have you ever thrift shopped, I mean “friperie- ed”, on vacation before?
If so, did you find anything special?
Please tell me about it. I love a good friperie story.
And don’t forget to enter to win this stunning, functional, and super chic Persolé. Go here to find out how. The lucky winner will be announced this Wednesday morning!
Have a rich day!

Palace of Versailles is my favorite place on earth to visit. To me it’s like a grown-up Disneyland. Its rich history, expertly manicured gardens, Baroque architecture and decor, grand statues and fountains make me feel like I am spending the day in a fairytale.

My first time visiting Versailles was in October, 2008. My husband took a photo of the French Pavilion that day that I fell in love with and it eventually became the header photo for my blog.

What an unusual experience it was to visit it again. I touched its walls, viewed the building from every angle and posed in front of it for photos.  I think of the thousands upon thousands of times I have looked at that building. Touching it was almost surreal for me.

Across from the French Pavilion is this larger building, the Petit Trianon.

About a ten minute walk from the Petit Trianon, is the even larger Grand Trianon.

Throughout the estate, there are several small structures.

Then there are the gardens. Even in March, before the flowers have bloomed and many of the sculptures are still covered to protect them from rain and snow, the gardens of Versailles are breathtaking.

Although I prefer to spend most of my time at Versailles outdoors, visiting the main palace is a must.

I really enjoy seeing Marie Antoinette’s boudoir and imagining what her life must have been like.

And you can’t visit Versailles without walking through the Hall of Mirrors.

Another must, in my opinion, is seeing the Hameau de la Reine (Queen’s Hamlet). Marie Antoinette had this small village created as her own retreat. It’s darling and complete with cute farm animals.

The Grand Canal is a majestic body of water below the main palace.

We decided to rent a row boat even though it was chilly and windy that day.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos from my ‘happiest place on earth’.

Have you visited Palace of Versailles? If so, do you love it as much as I do?

Have a wonderful Easter if you’re celebrating.


I’m off to Paris before month’s end. This trip is a special graduation gift for my stepdaughter, Tori.

When she was in middle school, she chose to take French. Her dad and I wanted to encourage her to stick with learning a second language – I sure wish I would have – so we made a deal with her:

If she continued studying French throughout high school, we would take her to Paris her senior year.

Tori never forgot our agreement and took French every year and now, after five years, has quite a good grasp of the language.

She has been asking lots of questions about what we will do on our trip. Since this will be our fourth time to Paris in five years, my husband and I have accumulated a long list of our favorite things to see, eat, drink and do that don’t leave us broke. We are thrilled to experience them with Tori.

This list is partly for her, but also to share with readers who may be heading to The City of Light in the future.

Here are the top “15 Fun Things to Do in Paris” that just happen to be on a budget at about 20 € or less:

1) Buy Mailles mustard crocks at their shop on the Rue de Madeline. Have them filled with your favorite mustard on tap, then bring the crocks back for refills each time you visit Paris!

maille mustard

2) Visit Versailles for the day. It’s easy to get to by RER train – about an hour with no transfers. Bring your camera, some great walking shoes and enjoy the grounds. We liked seeing the interior of the buildings but spent most of our time outdoors. Do not miss Hameau de la Reine, the Queen’s Hamlet. It’s adorable. I would happily live there as a cow milker or mill worker if that were an option.


3) Take a ride on a Bateaux Mouche. Get a different perspective of landmarks and a better lay of the land on a river boat as well as some great photos. Rides are only about €10.

4) Stroll through an outdoor food market. You won’t believe how beautiful and fresh the food is.

5) Go to the top of Arc de Triomphe. The staircase is winding and small but it’s worth the climb to the top to see the excellent view of Paris.

6) Get a shwarma at L’As Du Fallafel, enjoy as much chocolate mousse as you like at Chez Janou (both located in the Marais), or have a Croque Monsieur outdoors at one of the cafes in the Tuileries.

7) Stop into a high end shop on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées and browse. This flagship Louis Vuitton store is enormous. Visit the top floor to see the €30,000+ bags on display under glass. They make the €1800 bags on the first floor seem like a bargain…for a brief moment!

8) Stand under the Tour de Eiffel at night, look up and snap a photo.

9) Visit Père Lachaise Cemetery. It’s not creepy – at least not to me – and rather very beautiful and historic.

10) Enjoy a banana and Nutella crepe for a snack or dessert. If you like a little something extra with your crepe, ask for a couple sloshes of Grand Marnier.

11) Wander through the magical Jardin du Luxembourg while snacking on freshly roasted chestnuts you bought from a street vendor.

12) Walk across bridges over the Seine. Did you know there are 37 of them? My favorite is this one, Pont Alexandre III.

13) Try some Parisian sweets. Although I love gazing at all the colorful macarons, they are too sweet for my palate. I prefer a tarte au citron…or two.

14) While it’s a must to see the Musée du Louvre, Notre Dame, and Musée d’Orsay while you’re in Paris, it’s also fun to see smaller, less crowded sites. Spend some time at Musée Rodin, Carnavalet, Sainte-Chapelle, and Conciergerie, just to name a few. Buy a Paris Museum Pass before you see the sights to save lots of money on entrance fees.

15) Have a picnic on the banks of the Seine. We like to buy a bottle of French wine, a baguette, an apple, some salami and brie and sit on the wall at the end of the Île de la Cité. Be sure to pack a couple of plastic wine glasses, an opener and a Swiss Army knife in your luggage so you can be well prepared for your romantic picnic.

Have you been to Paris?
If so, what are your favorite things to do there.
We are looking to add to our list!